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Custom Golf Club Makers - Foundry Program

Have you ever thought about having your own logo or designing your own club head? At Diamond Tour Golf we can help you with this process. We have the ability to manufacture everything from grips, shafts, woods, irons, and even golf bags with your own private logo. We deal with the best foundries in the business and you'll be surprised at the prices and the low quantities needed to place private label orders! We can also help you with shipping and clearing all orders from overseas.

We also offer a corporate "fill in" process for smaller orders for outings and promotions. We can use our existing inventory of irons, wedges, and putters. This works great if you need smaller orders or are short on time! The look is very professional and it will add excitement to any promotion. You'll be surprised how reasonable this service is.

If you see any of our products that we carry that you would like as a private label we can help walk you through that process. Please contact Jason Hiland for details at 800 826 5340 x. 101. We hope to hear from you soon!