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Custom Golf Club Assembly

Not familiar with club assembly?

Don't worry, we are! If you're not familiar with club assembly/club repair or you simply don't have the time to build the club yourself, why not let Diamond Tour Golf do it for you? Diamond Tour Golf has been building custom golf clubs for years for customers all over the world. You will not find better craftsmanship at such reasonable prices.

Our custom golf club assembly staff can fulfill any request from the simplest of repairs to the most complex custom assembly. Our staff takes great pride in delivering high quality custom assembled golf clubs that fit your exact specifications, one club at a time.

Reshafting Services*

Diamond Tour Golf will remove your old shaft and replace it with any new one we sell, plus add a grip of your choice. If a grip is not specified, we will replace it with as close to the same style/size that is currently on your club.

Reshaft Service for Individual Iron$20.00
Reshaft Service for an Iron Set$160.00 (8 pieces)
Reshaft Service for Bore Through Individual Iron$25.00
Reshaft Service for Bore Through Iron Set$200.00 (8 pieces)
Reshaft Service for Wood (Driver or Fairway)$20.00
Reshaft Service for Putter$20.00

Regripping Services*

Regrip Service for any Club$4.00

* All prices above are for labor only. They do not include new shaft and or grip costs.

Customization Services

Spine Alignment Per Club/Shaft$2.00
Lie Adjustment Per Club$5.00
Swing Weight Adjustment Individual Club$7.00
Swing Weight Adjustment Iron Set$40.00
Shaft Frequency Matching Individual Club$10.00
Shaft Frequency Matching Iron Set$55.00
Shaft Adapter Installation$10.00