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FGS 60 Lite Iron

Product Review (submitted on February 7, 2015):
My swing speed is 96mph, so I've tried quite a few different graphite shafts ... Mamiya, Fuji, Grafalloy etc... there was never a really good mix for me. too heavy, too high, too much whip and my accuracy was falling off the rails.

A friend recommended these from his personal experience (plus, I've watched him shave 9 strokes off his game) so I figured what the heck, I've already invested way too much money in those $150+ a shaft wonders and I'm still not getting anywhere.....

What can I say .. I'm getting an extra 15/17 yards per shot - and these are *nice, tight accurate* shots, not that left right fade and let's hope the wind doesn't catch it deal... I'm impressed and my game shows it, down the middle with accuracy everywhere ... I wish I would have found these little bad boys 4 years ago before spending $2,000 in the specialty lane at the other golf stores.

Tiny money spent with huge returns!