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In1Zone Single Length Driver Component

Product Review (submitted on November 9, 2017):
This is hands down, without a doubt, the most accurate and consistent driver that I have ever hit in my entire life. I'm not the type of person who switches drivers on a weekly basis like some of my golfing buddies, I tend to find something that I know works and stick with it. I have have always been fairly long off the tee - averaging around 260 with a really good drive getting into the 280+ range - but my problem has always been consistency. I'm right, I'm left, I'm high, I'm low, and that kills my confidence off the tee. A few years ago I switch to the Acer Thriver, which is a combination of a driver + 3 wood in one club, giving me the accuracy of a 3 wood with nearly the distance of a driver. That became my go-to club off the tee allowing me to hit 60-70% of fairways in a typical round, with an average distance of about 230-240. I gladly traded those extra 30-40 yards for a ball in the middle of the fairway 3/4 times rather than hunting for it in the rough 75% of the time. Well this club takes that "Thriver" concept one step further and actually turns a driver + 5 wood into a single club, and the results are INCREDIBLE!! I can't seem to hit a ball anywhere other than dead straight up the middle of the fairway with this thing, and with the 12.5 degree I'm able to hit it about 230-240 just like my previous club. Just last week, for the first time in the 15+ years I've been playing golf, I played a round where I hit all 14/14 fairways!! I never thought I would find a club that would knock my trusty Thriver out of the bag, but this is it for sure!! I paired this up with the Project X LZ Fairway shaft which DT is selling for RIDICULOUSLY cheap right now, and I couldn't be happier with the results. If you want to find more fairways and start playing some of the most confident golf of your life, do yourself a favor and give this club a try. 5-STARS ALL THE WAY!!