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DTG Felon Illegal Driver

Product Review (submitted on April 1, 2011):
Got the club and already owned a 2009 Burner. Thought this would give me a "fun club" to use at the range and when messing around with buddies. Had the club 2 weeks, used it at the range twice and maybe 1-2 times at the course. I took it to the range, and on the first shot, the club skipped on the mat (no ball teed up yet, I was just loosening up), and the head dented on the bottom!

I never used the club again after that. In my opinion - not worth the money, but then again I bought it when it wasn't on sale. Also, I didn't notice any difference in distance. 250-270 without it and straight, 250 with it and sprayed the ball all over the place.